About Us

The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center was established with the view of offering to the community a cosmetology clinic that is at par with the highest International standard of excellence in all aspects for aesthetic dermatology, gynecology and dental care . We are dedicated to offer a touch of quality in every smallest detail – from the hospitality of the staff to the most stringent hygiene standards, from the professional approach of our practitioners to the latest technology for diagnosis and treatments, we are bringing to our clients a level of care that has to be experienced to believe.The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center is the brainchild of the Radiant Healthcare India a professional health services group headed by healthcare professionals with a vast experience of setting up and running quality aesthetic clinics in the Middle East.

The group now brings their expertise in diagnosis and treatment of cosmetic indications in dermatology, gynecology and dentistry to the city of Kochi in Kerala. Our vision is to become India’s leading aesthetic center by implementing innovative practices and treatment modalities. Strategically located in Vyttila, the fast growing vibrant part of metropolitan Kochi, The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center has made International quality aesthetic healthcare available to the intelligent community of Kerala that is appreciative of this new approach to aesthetic treatments. Having established a patient centered environment, clients are given the care, respect and attention which they deserve. The highest standards of hygiene, use of most advanced technology, highly professional medical expertise, unparalleled hospitality and care are the key features that make The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center stand out.

For the First time in India, The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center is proud to bring our expertise in the field of Cosmetic revision of teeth, mouth, face and body. We use the State of the art Laser systems for a wide range of cosmetic applications. Besides we offer Cryo Therapy, Electro Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Radio Frequency therapy, Laser assisted Peel, Natural Peel, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments to gently erase the marks of time, stress and pollution from your face and body.

At Touch, you receive premium care at most affordable prices from our qualified Doctors. We keep highest European standards of technology and hygiene.

We use virtually painless WaterLase Treatment method

Choose The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center – The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center is fully committed to provide fast and effective solutions to your beauty needs in an atmosphere of royal care and the highest World class standards of Hygiene.

Excellence in Care and Support - Our greatest strength is not the most advanced and proven Laser Systems in the world Neither is it the professional Doctors with tons of Experience and training Nor is it the most specific and elaborate treatment protocols customized to your specific body type and based on extensive research by the most advanced Cosmetic Institutions in Europe and the United States of America. We believe our greatest strength is our friendly and highly skilled Laser Experts that have been trained in our most modern training facilities in the Middle East, Europe and USA. Our Experts use the latest techniques and protocols as advised by the Laser and Health Academy of Europe from where they are certified.

The highest level of Specialized Care that you have to experience to believe - From the time you step into Clinic, you are treated like royalty. Friendly staff at the reception desk are waiting to assist you. Our nurses will make a body scan using the most Hi-Tech Body Scanning and Skin scanning equipment and take your vital Health parameters before you go for your therapy. Stylish interiors, a cafeteria and boutique are available to make your wait comfortable and pleasant. Our Specialist doctors take over after that providing you the right treatment diagnosis after carefully analyzing your body scan report. A treatment protocol will be developed to best treat your particular condition and our highly skilled nursing technicians will impart the therapy under supervision of our expert doctors.

At the end of it all, you will emerge out of the clinic – changed, rejuvenated and radiant - The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center is open 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the value of your time and how at times even a few minutes of waiting can feel like an eternity! For this we have established a system of making online or telephonic appointments. For those who prefer to just walk in, we provide a luxurious waiting lounge complete with a cafeteria and boutique for and exclusive line of Dr.Kozarev beauty care products.