Anti-Ageing Treatments

Skin tightening, rejuvenation and treatment of photo- ageging

At The Touch Aesthetic Medical Center the wellness and anti-aging department consists of a team of dedicated professionals helping you to get the look you deserve. You were born to look beautiful and at The Touch we help you to remove the façade veil that hides your inner beauty and changes you by reversing the effects of time pollution and stress. We use the latest international technologies, advanced treatments and the best trained medical professionals in the world to help reveal a renewed, refreshed and revitalized you. With your body composition assessment and your skin type test results, our physician can prescribe the perfect blend of therapy and supplemented formulations, tailored to give you the change you deserve.

Our Anti-ageing Specialists are highly trained and a internationally certified. We create and tailor programs especially for our individual clients. This allows us to create customized programs and supplements which not only rejuvenate, your face and body but provide long lasting effects.

Skin Tightening

Intraoral Tightening

Laughing-line skin Tightening

Prices starting from Rs.3000 onwards