Bride and Groom Packages

A very special day in the life of a young man or a young lady is the day they get married. For that one single day they are at the center of the universe and everything seems to be going around them. All eyes are on the couple in the middle – the to-be-weeded – and every young heart desires to look their best for this one day and of course the days following the ceremony and fanfare.

A last day make-up at the beautician could hide the dark patches or the acne infested cheeks, but what about the day after and then after. At the we believe in nourishing and grooming your natural beauty, permanently removing any blemishes, scars, acne , teeth problems, lip and cheek enhancements, unwanted hair reduction, fairness treatment, etc to bring out the natural beauty within so you need minimum help from the cosmetician to look naturally beautiful and glowing with health and vitality.

For this the preparations must start well in advance and normally bride and groom are advised to start their makeover as early as six months prior to their wedding date to get the best results from the treatments.

Prices starting from Rs.15000 onwards