Dr. Raju K.G.S

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Dr. Raju K.G.S


Consultant ENT Surgeon with more than 29 years of experience – both in India & overseas.

ENT and Sleep Clinic

Dr. Raju uses the most advanced laser technology available to do a pain free non-surgical laser assisted treatment called SleepLase for treating snoring & Obstructive Sleep Disorder.  

Rest assured that with Dr. Raju and the SleepLase you are in the most experienced and professional care possible.

Dr. Raju also specializes in Laser assisted treatments for:

  • → Tongue Tie Reduction.
  • → TMJ Pain Therapy(Jaw Pain).
  • → Excision of Keloids.
  • → Removal of Benign Lesions/Growth from Ear, Nose & Throat ( Polyps, Warts, Granulomas, Hyperkeratosis, Benign Papilloma ).