Dr. Arya S Pillai

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Dr. Arya S Pillai

M.D.S in Periodontology and Implantology

Dental Care

Dr. Arya S Pillai is a Consultant Periodontist, committed to broader public oral hygiene. Her previous experiences with reputed dental clinics in Kerala have helped her to evolve as a better professional. She is specialized in regenerative periodontal therapies and all advanced procedures in Periodontics. She promises pain free periodontal therapy using laser in a tension free environment.


Emphasizing the importance of regular gingival examination along with probing and convincing and motivating the patient and devising a proper protocol for recall. 

Diagnosing dental conditions, infections, diseases & assessing treatment options followed by treatment execution.

Periodontal surgery using laser.

Regenerative Periodontal therapies.

Root coverage procedures.

Habit breaking appliances.

Surgical procedures like extractions, Incision and drainage of dental infection.

Mucogingival surgeries like frenotomy, frenectomy, lingual frenectomy, gingivectomy.

Basic restorative dental care.