Dr. Neethu Mathew

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Dr. Neethu Mathew


Dental Care

Dr. Neethu Mathew is a dentist with over 7 years of experience with direct patient care. Extensive knowledge of dental procedures hygiene products devices and solutions with a specific interest in preventive care. A highly technical individual who has specialised and proven medical expertise in orthodontics.


  • Fixed appliance treatment
  • Myofunctional and orthopedic appliance treatment
  • Preventive dentistry
  • Aesthetic cavity filling
  • Crown cutting
  • Prosthetic management
  • Dental X-rays expertise
  • Patient educator

Article Published:
1. Moulding faces at an early age- a case series. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research.
2016 August, Vol-10(8): ZR01-ZR03.