Dr. Razdan T. R

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Dr. Razdan T. R


Dental Care

Work Experience: Clinical 

House Surgeon, 1 year (2011-2012) 

Institution: Century International Institute Of Dental Science & Research Centre, Kasaragod, Kerala.

Nature of Work : Root canal, Crowns, Restorations, Extractions, Scaling. Root planing...

Housemanship OP and procedures under the guidance of faculties of concerned departments.

Post graduate resident (MDS), 3 years (31st May 2013-30th June 2016) 

Institution: Amrita School of Dentistry, Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences, Kochi,  Kerala. 

Nature of Work: Conducting out patient, All Endodontic And Restorative treatments like Root canal ,Research Activities, Cases under General Anesthesia , Endodontic Microsurgery , Restorations, Crowns, Taking seminars, Inter department Journal discussions, Clinical Club Presentations and teaching undergraduates(BDS students). 

Supervised and supported Interns at various levels. 


Academic: National & State Best Paper Awards.

1.Best Paper-8th ISPRP National Conference 2015, Mahe

2.Best Paper- CAESOK – 13th Midterm Conference & 5th PG Convention 2015, Kannur

3.Best Paper- ALOHA-48thkerala state dental conference 2016,Alappuzha

Clinical Focus:

Diagnosis and treatment planning

Inlays and Onlays 

Esthetic rehabilitation and smile designing 

Single/Multiple sitting Root Canal Treatment

Esthetic laminates 

Anterior and posterior non- surgical retreatment of failed root canal treatment 

Surgical endodontic therapy 

Custom- made and pre- fabricated post and core 

Partial and full veneer ceramic crowns (porcelain fused to metal and metal free ceramic) 

Vital and non- vital bleaching 

Regenerative Endodontics 

Management of Traumatic injuries 

Advanced Procedures Under Magnification Loupe/Dental Operating Microscope/Lasers

Management of perforations 

Retrieval of broken instruments 

Endodontic micro- surgery 

Pulp capping and Apexification 

Identification of missed canals 

Laser Bleaching / Tooth Whitening 

Laser assisted Root canal Disinfection 

Laser assisted Crown Lengthening 

Dental Research Experience:

1)Research on "Antimicrobial efficacy of sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine gluconate & octenidine dihydro chloride in elimination of E faecalis(Resistant strain) : An in vitro study"under the guidance of Dr. Prabath Singh (HOD & Professor) Department of Endodontics,Amrita Institue Of Medical sciences,Kochi,India.

2) Research on " Comparative Evaluation of Enamel Demineralization Depth by Five Sweeteners:

An In-Vitro Study"Natural sugar vs artificial sugar substitutes(Honey,palm sugar ,Sucralose,Glucose and Sucrose) under the guidance of Dr. Prabath Singh (HOD & Professor) Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Amrita Institute Of Medical sciences, Kochi, India.