Hair And Skin Care

Who doesn’t want to flaunt that silky smooth flawless skin? The Touch Aesthetic Clinic has range of services that are successfully dealing with numerous concerns such as pigmentation, pimples, hair removal etc. Our aim is to give you the right solution for your concern to add that confident smile to your beauty.

Our Hair and Skin Care department offers the following treatments:

Body rejuvenation and beautification

Treatment of pigmented skin conditions and dark skin marks

Treatment of ungainly blue veins on face and body and varicose veins

Removal of unwanted Tattoo marks

Treatment of active acne and acne scars

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy for cosmetology

Cryolipolysis for slimming and body shaping

Permanent Hair reduction

Skin resurfacing

Removal of moles and warts

Treatment of Cellulite

Skin tightening and toning


Facial peels and rejuvenation

Lip and cheek enhancement

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