Lasers in Gynecology


Women's health, her well being and her needs have long taken a back seat. Times are now changing with the emergence of the stronger women of today who is sure and is not shy to ask what she wants. This is reflected even in advancements of Medical Laser Technology that offer women the power to not only externally beautify her body but also revitalize and rejuvenate her inner self. At The Touch we offer a range of treatments that are non invasive, almost painless and incredibly effective in treating a range of women’s health issues regarding urinary leaks, sexual dissatisfaction, vaginal warts, vaginal relaxation syndrome, prolapses, hemorrhoids and the likes.

Special Treatments:

Vaginal Tightening

Depigmentation of private area

Rejuvenation of Sexual satisfaction

Urinary leakage reduction

Treatment of prolapse

Treatment of hemorrhoids

The Benefits of our Special Lasers treatment:

Minimally invasive treatments

Controlled coagulation

Greater patient comfort, less downtime and quicker healing

A haemostatic effect with simultaneous disinfection

Many treatments do not require anesthesia

High-precision, tissue-selective treatments

Easy access to difficult-to-reach areas

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Highest Performance Laser Systems

Drawing on over 45 years of experience in laser technology, The Touch utilizes technology that is recognized as an industry leader in developing innovative medical laser applications, working closely with top universities and research centers around the globe. To improve upon the performance of lasers and enable more effective treatments, we introduced the use of certain laser wavelength in gynecology. The touch lasers, feature adjustable cold-to-hot ablation regimes to enable a greater degree of precision as well as controlled bleeding and coagulation effects.

The Touch uses multi-application lasers that includes the homogeneously absorbed laser wavelength, which penetrates deeper into tissues to create a tightening effect. Combining both wavelengths has proven to be very successful in providing less invasive and more effective clinical and aesthetic gynecology treatments.

Wide Range of Gynecology Treatments

The Touch lasers provide exceptional versatility – from gentle ablative to non-ablative thermal treatments. Safe, tested and proven solutions are available for a wide range of gynecological applications, from the simple removal of lesions, to bloodless high-precision cutting. Procedures such as laser removal of HPV lesions from the cervix, condyloma treatments, balanitis treatments and various other laser surgeries can thus be successfully performed with our special lasers. The latest innovative solutions in laser technology have also led to the development of entirely new, minimally invasive gynecology treatments for incontinence and vaginal relaxation syndrome.

Prices starting from Rs.8000 onwards