Mummy makeover

Women have a tendency to ignore themselves after childbirth when their entire attention and energy is focused on their new bundle of joy – the baby. It’s often very late that they realize how this neglect has affected their health and beauty. Moreover pregnancy and delivery also sometimes comes with its own baggage of health issues for the woman.

At The Touch we offer a comprehensive solution to revive the young mothers so that they look as beautiful as they did before the pregnancy.

The treatment package addresses the issues of increased hair growth in some women from hormonal changes, darkening of skin in certain areas, stretch marks on the abdomen, excessive localized fat, cellulite, even stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity syndrome. Our aim is to reverse all the undesirable changes from the pregnancy and childbirth while enjoying the joy of motherhood. You do not have to look like a mummy to be a good one.

Prices starting from Rs.4000 onwards